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OCTO GAMBOL - Detachable Sleeves Blazer (Black)

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PRE - SEASON / [01]
< 01— PS-01J Detachable Sleeves Blazer >


Type /〔Jacket / Shirt〕
Formation /〔Mighty form〕形態変転


Disassembled and installed according to the weather, which enhances the flexibility and convenience of wearing.

>〔P.R.E〕 — PRE SEASON獨立系列全新文字LOGO
> 可拆式手袖便利性再進化,拆卸後單獨作為背帶或可直接揹著外套
> 具備雙用途領口設計,可快速週整以西裝領口或襯衫領口著用增強著用玩味性
> 衣背側口袋具備中空設計,加強整體層次感與飄逸感
> 衣袖具備可露指式機關,增強固定手袖的靈活性
> 採用輕薄飄逸布料,輕鬆駕馭夏季天氣

>〔P.R.E〕— PRE SEASON independent series new logo
> The convenience of detachable hand sleeves has been further improved. After being detached, it can be used as a strap alone or can be worn directly as a jacket.
> Equipped with a dual-purpose neckline design, it can be quickly and neatly worn as a suit collar or shirt collar to enhance the fun of use.
> The back and side pockets are equipped with a hollow design to enhance the overall sense of layering and elegance.
> The sleeves are equipped with finger-exposing mechanisms to enhance the flexibility of fixed sleeves

Fabric 〔布料〕 /
> 100% Oxford

(There may be a slight color difference between the product and the photo.The color of the goods shall prevail over the real thing.)