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OCTO GAMBOL - Sukkiri Open Chest T-shirt (Black)

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PRE - SEASON / [01]
< 03— PS-01T-1 Sukkiri Open Chest T-shirt >


Type /〔Open Chest T-Shirt〕

Formation /〔Sukkiri〕


The design inspiration is based on lightness and flexibility, using trapezoidal lines and hidden buttons to present lightness and simplicity, reducing unnecessary cumbersomeness.

>〔P.R.E〕 — PRE SEASON獨立系列全新文字LOGO
> 以T-shirt形態為基礎,延伸演變為可開胸著用
> 具備雙著用形態,可單獨著用或作外搭著用增加實用性
> 使用空氣層布料製作,堅挺而不焗促同時親膚性高
> 左右衣側及衣袖後方均使用梯形透氣拼布拼接,增強導風性降低悶熱帶來的不適感

>〔P.R.E〕— PRE SEASON independent series new logo
> Based on the T-shirt shape, it is extended and evolved to be worn with the chest open.
> It has a dual-wear form and can be worn alone or as an outer layer to increase practicality.
> Made of air-layer fabric, which is strong and non-irritating and highly skin-friendly.
> Trapezoidal breathable patchwork is used on the left and right sides and behind the sleeves to enhance wind conductivity and reduce the discomfort caused by stuffy heat.

Fabric 〔布料〕 /
> 50%棉40%滌10%氨綸 / 100%滌綸
> 50%Cotton 40%Polyester 10%Spandex / 100% Polyester

(There may be a slight color difference between the product and the photo. The color of the goods shall prevail over the real thing.)