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OCTO GAMBOL - Stereoscopic Tornado Vertical Pants (Black)

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NT$ 3,780.00
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Type /〔Vertical 〕
Formation /〔Tornado〕

It is presented with the brand's expertise in multiple splicing techniques. In order to cope with the temperature difference caused by the transition of seasons, breathable mesh is added as a transition at the splicing interface to enhance ventilation and comfort during use, while maintaining a huge storage space.

> 具備極對稱線條展現區域分明,呈現完美平衡分界感
> 長褲拼接位置配置透氣網格拼接增強導風性
> 褲腳具備鈕扣機關,能因應個人著用風格調整展現不同視覺效果
> 使用超輕薄透氣布料,輕鬆駕馭夏季天氣
> 半包圍橡筋腰圍,鬆放彈性能達20厘米
> 附帶內置自由調節的Duraflex®卡扣腰帶

> Equip extremely symmetrical lines to show clear areas and a sense of perfect balance and demarcation.
> The splicing position of the trousers is equipped with breathable mesh splicing to enhance wind conductivity
> The trouser legs are equipped with button mechanism, which can be adjusted according to personal wearing style to show different visual effects.
> Half-enclosed elastic waist, loose elastic capacity up to 20cm
> Comes with built-in adjustable Duraflex® buckle belt

Fabric 〔布料〕 /
> 100%尼龍 / 100%滌綸
> 100% Nylon / 100% Polyester

(There may be a slight color difference between the product and the photo. The color of the goods shall prevail over the real thing.)